Ashes of the Empire

Prologue:Chapter 2

Into the Forest

One night, Ar’gu left the narrow forest trail and went north into the forest, Surge, now accompanied by Benezia, who had been with the caravan, followed him to the Gate of Illolge, the southern entrance to the Temple of Talmolge, the tombs of the royal family of the ancient tiefling empire.

Second day: gathered and burned bodies of kobolds. surge wanted to go check on nest. benezia said we should stick with caravan. followed aragu off trail, b.c we wanted answers. trail started to get darker and ickyer. lost sight of aragu. saw light far ahead of us. came up to it. saw door glowing, looked like a solid stone material but looked like it was liquid too. benezia noticed to catches, one in handle of door, one by foot of door. door had dwarven runes, in old unknown language, across it. tried to hold one catch with dagger while opening the other one, but dagger broke and acid splashed on surge and little on aneer. benezia healed surge. we went in. darkness. all of a sudden we were attacked by three diseased dwarves with axes. we fought and killed two of them, while trying to get answers off of the wounded third one. Unfortunately, it went into a deep coma and died before we could find any answers.



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