Adrian Dragonflame

An Awesome (!!) Wizard FTW


From Silvermere Father is on the council of the wizards academy that he graduated from Father: professor of combat magic. adrian was really into his studies (bookworm). almost expelled from academy for almost killing someone while practicing combat magic. Father, being on the board, saved him from being expelled. been studying magic since young age, into religious texts. Just graduated from academy, trying to make his mark on the world. Not sure of how to go about doing that, b/c up to this point, had a genuine interest but all learning so far has been to make father proud. motivated by need to prove yourself, to get out of fathers shadow. not that i’m not at academy, who am I trying to prove myself to?

grew up in silvermere, son of well to do family. only child (explains low charisma, lack of social skills with peers).

person that he almost killed at the academy, was a woman with whom he had an intense mutual romantic connection, until the event. both families were from upper castes of society. felt that she was the only person that understood him, but then he almost killed her by accident. that was last time he spoke to her. Her name was Alandra Shadowbane.

Shadowbane family: Royal, her father was a Baron in Silvermere. B/c of her father’s influence, he wanted to get away from Silvermere after accident (from shame). Need to prove himself =~ need to redeem himself. Trying to understand his true self, what makes him tick, what is his passion? Seems combat is his specialty, perhaps his “calling”.

little bit of xenophobia, elf-o-phobia. thought outsiders were weird. sheltered upbringing. little knowledge of histories and cultures outside of Silvermere.

Adrian Dragonflame

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